Weddings and Cupcakes Make a Great Couple

July 17, 2011 at 9:58 pm (Weddings)

Summer weddings are such fun for us! They stimulate our creativity and keep us busy, but not as busy as the brides and grooms who have to make all the decisions. Our wish for those of you getting married is that your choices will go smoothly and turn out exactly right. We promise to do our part to help make that happen. Just tell us what you need.

Wedding details and decisions can seem to go on forever. You already know to whom and why you’re getting married, which is the most important, but still you want the day to be as you envision it: when and where you get married, style of wedding, invitations, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, your wedding dress and the food. The list of details is long.

We appreciate all our customers and are glad to be in this business at this time since delicious and unique cupcakes are growing in popularity. We enjoy them as much as you do.

However, we are curious, at Divine Cupcake, about what you feel are the pros and cons of wedding cupcakes versus wedding traditional cake. Obviously, we know how we feel about it, but we want to hear from you about such things as: design flair and taste, planning and convenience, cutting or distributing to guests, set up, trends and cost. Give us your vote.

Are wedding cupcakes here to stay?


Best wishes! … and

“Love, honor and negotiate!”

-Alan Loy McGinnies, The Romance Factor

To help us and others learn, we would also like to hear about any personal experiences you’ve had with wedding cupcakes, as a bride or as a guest!  If you have any fabulous photos to share please send them our way to



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  1. blythers said,

    I recently did a wedding with 400 cupcakes…it was a major hit, 6 different flavors, about 10 different combos…everybody loved the idea and they ended up eating more than they would have because they wanted to sample multiple kinds…The bride and groom loved it, and it was easier for kids to eat also… not to mention for me personally I could get a multiple sampling of my best flavors and have gotten plenty of jobs from that wedding alone. It was an awesome Idea and I recommend it often and have done many more since not quite that big usually only 2-300 but still its really gaining popularity! I Love It!!!

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