Cupcakes + Movie = Love!

July 12, 2012 at 11:47 pm (Uncategorized)

OK, we all do it.  You head to the movies with a couple of friends and next thing you know you’re paying $5 for a $0.99 box of candy that contains, what? …Wait, does that really say carnauba wax?  Isn’t that what they put in car wax?

Well, no more my friends! The Divine Cupcake has partnered with David Minor Theater.  Thats right!  Cupcakes at the movies.  What could be better?   How about not having to leave your seat to get your sugar fix?  With the theater’s new “TXT-a-beer” feature simply text your order to 541-913-5733 and have your cupcake brought to you without having to miss a second of the movie.

The theater will feature three of our signature flavors.  Snickerdoodle,  Chocolate Coma, and Lime n’ a Coconut.  If you’re looking for more variety check out our new Leapfrog Cart right next door in the parking lot on the corner of E.5th and Pearl.  Not only do we have several flavors to choose from every day but we are offering coffee and espresso too.

Forget the popcorn and have a cupcake next time you’re at the movies!


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