…And Cupcakes For All

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Did you know 1 in 25 Americans suffer from food allergies?  For many this means things like sweet treats are off limits.  But not here at The Divine Cupcake!

Approximately 2.5% of children younger than 3 years of age are allergic to milk.  Simple things like cake at a friend’s birthday party are often off limits.  Well, not anymore.  All of our baked goods are always vegan.  This means no dairy and happy birthdays for lucky kids everywhere.

little girl licking a cupcake

Vegan baking also offers an alternative to another common childhood allergy…Eggs.  Egg allergy is estimated to affect approximately 1.5% of young children.  Our bakers are working hard daily using kitchen magic to ensure you’ll never miss the eggs in these cupcakes.

Awareness for yet another allergy is also on the rise.  An estimated 3 million Americans across all races, ages and genders suffer from celiac.  Not only can we make every flavor in a gluten free option but we have at least three gluten free options available in our café everyday including muffins and scones.

If the prospect of a vegan gluten free cupcake that actually tastes amazing isn’t enough, we also offer sugar free and soy free options by special order.

We firmly believe that having a food allergy (or two) doesn’t mean giving up on life’s little pleasures.

At The Divine Cupcake we strive for happiness and cupcakes for all.


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